Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Short introduction and first steps


I'm tichy and I participate in gsoc 2013 with project name syslog-ng: redis destination.
It's about to develop a new syslog-ng destination plugin, one that can add or change data in redis and have a reliably database with the function of getting real-time counters, statistics or in other cases caching.
I started the zero phase of the project:
  • I read tutorials and documentation about redis, syslog-ng
  • compiled the syslog-ng 3.4 on ubuntu
  • made a github account for code hosting
Some thoughts about me
I provided the hungarian translation of pigeonplanner and I think this project is a very good opportunity to get involved in open source development.
I got programming experience (c based languages) at university level which is a solid base to start the project, learn and develop something new on a higher level and get experience, which would be a good reference after graduating the university.
I decided to write a blog post for each milestone or when I just find a problem, that's worth to write some thoughts about.
I have exams at the university, but I will be free from next week so I can focus all of my power on this project.

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